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Alison Service Company Contractor Agreement and On-boarding Documents.

Hi There!  

We found your company on Google, and thought we’d reach out to see if you would be interested in a partnership with our company.  We’ve had an up-tick in work orders in your area and thought you’d be a great addition to our team. We primarily service commercial and retail companies, handling their requests for general, electrical, and plumbing necessities.  Some of our clients include, but are not limited to: Autozone, Del Taco, Davita Dialysis, T-Mobile, Habit Burger, Mendocino Farms, Einstein Bagel Brands, Michaels Craft Store and more. 


Alison Service Company is a licensed, electrical, plumbing, and general contractor, that began self-performing, maintenance, repair, and construction services throughout Southern California in 1980.  With our commitment to exceptional service and dedication to our jobs, our clients asked us to expand our trades and service area.  Working with some of the largest corporations to small independent operators, we pledged to only on-board quality vendors with the same commitment and dedication to their jobs.  Today, we have successfully launched our in-house technicians and vendors throughout California, Arizona, and Texas and are in over 3,000 buildings annually assisting our customers around the clock. 


Once you begin working with us, I think you will find we are very different in our approach from similar third-party companies in our industry. Alison Service Company has a shared interest in every one of our vendor’s well-being and provides the same commitment to build relationships with our vendors as we would our clients.  I am looking for a service provider to preserve relationships we have nurtured for over 35 years, and we are hoping your company would join our 24/7 team to service work orders within your licensed trades.      


If you are interested in a partnership with our company, we have a couple of service requisites for all clients.  Please review the dispatch requirements below:  

o    All of our vendors and partners must schedule service with our office. To do this, we ask that you either call or email our office with a 2-4 hour window for arrival on-site, prior to servicing.  

o    Take before and after photos of the service performed; even if it’s just a picture of a toilet, shelf, light, or photos of an assessment for proposal.  

o    Make and model information and lead time on any materials. Many of our clients prefer to replace everything “like-for-like” unless otherwise specified.  

o    Calling our office upon arrival, if a Not-To-Exceed (NTE) increase is needed, and prior to departure. We typically start off our work orders with an NTE of $150-$200, to cover your trip charge and assessment, and then would like a call from your technician on-site with the findings and how much you would need to complete.  

o    Manager’s Sign-Off. Work orders are sent from our company for your dispatch.  Please print a copy of the work order and have the Manager-On-Duty (MOD) sign prior to departing the location. We understand this is not always possible, and in the cases where you are unable to print the sign off, we ask that you please have the Manager either sign or write their name down on another blank piece of paper without any of your pricing visible.  

o    All quotes or pricing are shared with Alison Service Company only. The staff on-site is unable to approve any pricing or additional work. 

o    Paperwork is due within 3-business days of being on-site. This would apply to all quotes, invoices, photos, and sign off. If an extension is needed, please let our office know and keep us looped in on the ETA regularly.  

o    Compliance needs to be kept up to date. We require all vendors to have an updated COI (General Liability & Workers Compensation) listing Alison Service Company, Inc. as additional insured with a General Liability Endorsement, Wavier of Subrogation, and W9 on-file.  

o    Invoicing is paid NET-30 to NET-90 upon completion.  If early payment terms are required, this will also reduce the amount of service calls we would be able to dispatch to your company. 


If you feel you can meet these requirements and are interested in on-boarding, I have attached our questionnaire, contractor agreement, and insurance samples to this email. This will help us determine what work orders you would be able to accept to help alleviate unnecessary phone calls and/or emails. Please complete and return these forms along with remittance of your COI and W9.  

If you are not interested in working with us at this time, we understand and would appreciate a response so we can inform the team not to contact you again in the future.  


Time is valuable we greatly appreciate your time and consideration, regardless of on-boarding.  Feel free to check us out in any of the applications in my signature or give me a call to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.   


We look forward to the potential! 

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